Saturday, April 18, 2009


Making a statement and spring vacation

Making a statement, a few days ago , while on a walk, i decided to pee on a trash bin /ash-tray, this and a big gas-guzzler. That was three statements in one day, A: recycle!; B: don't smoke!; And C: drive more efficient cars, or just walk!!!
Spring vacation, I had to stay at the neighbor's house over spring break, but i did get to play with Lucky, my best friend before Moxie got here. she's really sweet, kind of old but very fun to play with, and she's a black lab. I had a lot o- (static)
Ok, Freddie was boring you right? Well here's what I did over spring vacation... The family and I drove down to Grand Rapids, a four hour trip and i got to stay with my owner's sister's collage dorm with her goofy friends. His sister's friends were really nice, they filled my kong to the brim with peanut-butter, so I didn't give the any trouble at all. Meanwhile the family (including his sister) went to Chicago without me, I really wish I could've gone and played with you Kirby.
While in Chicago , the family waited in line for an hour to go to the Shedd aquarium, which cost them $71.88 ! What's more is that the oceanarium was being renevated, so they couldn't see the dolphins and baluga whale s and th- (static)
Did Moxie just tell you all the boring stuff that she did? Well I got to- (static)
Sorry listeners, this is going to happen a lot more often with the staticy thing. After the family got out of the aquarium, they sat on the steps wondering what to do next. Luckily, a woman overheard my owner's dad saying that they didn't have the money for the Feild museum too, but she had bought city-passes for her and her kids, but her kids didn't want to do anything else, so she gave the family her city-passes.
While at the Feild museum, the family had a great time, and my owner expanded his pressed penny collection. Then, while upstairs, my owners talked to an artist working on a revalutionary form of art, based upon the splitting of objects when focusing close up and vice versa. After talking to the artist, he asked my owner to pose near a pair of arches, and now, my owner is a permanent part of that art style.
After the Feild museum, The family went to the Rainforest Cafe, which I'm told is really cool. Every half hour there's a "thunderstorm" in which the "thunder" rolls and led lights flash for "lightning". because my owner's 13th birthday was last Sunday, his parents got him a sparkling volcano cake, which I'm told is four slabs of thick chocolate leaning on a stack of four scoops of vanilla ice-cream... jealous yet? there is also a gift shop on the bottom floor, and animatronics on the top dining room floor. Then, once again, my owner expanded his pressed penny collection.
Finally, his sister and Mom went to the Hersey store while he and his Dad went to the art museum after riding the subway there. My owner tells me that there were so few paintings on display, he'd rather have been at the Hersey store, With five pound chocolate bars.
When The family got back to Grand Rapids, they stayed overnight with me at his sister's collage dorm.
The next day, my owner went with his cousins to Monsters vs. Aliens at the Imax theater. After which he went to his cousin's house and "rotted his brain" on a Wii.
The next day (and yes, I know I'm saying "The next day" a lot) I got to come to his cousin's house and play with daisy, a rather rambuntious Jack Russel-Beagle puppy. Then we went home, and I got to sit with my owners on the return trip.

Needless to say, my owners had a pretty good time, and so did I
Sighing out, Moxie

Friday, February 27, 2009

i'm back online

Hey guys, sorry i haven't posted much lately, or should i say...since august! Again, sorry there won't be pictures for a little while and i have a lot of stories to tell. Read on airedales, read on!!
A word from moxie: remember, we like getting comments and new friends, that means smaller (or larger) dogs too, even hamsters are welcome, but no cats, we hate cats.

have a good day! Freddy and Moxie = )