Thursday, August 14, 2008

they're back, yay!!!

my kid and his family went to Pensylvania last week, for an event called Pennsic, and they left us all alone!!! NO im just joking, but they did go to Pennsic last week.
they left us at copper kennels in cheboygan county, it was so much fun, we just ran and ran and played and romped, and i got to play in a kiddie pool while i was there. but anyways, my kid and his dad had a little archery contest while they where there, and the kid won!!!! furthermore, the event ,Pennsic was an S.C.A. event, S. C. A. stands for Society of Creative Anachronism. check out it's website at S.C.A is recreating and learning about medievil lifestyles from european to chinease, sca is international, and its simalar to a parody game, but in real life. you create a persona [your "name" and "country lifestyle"] and go to events, there is archery, heavy fighting [no live steal, just duct taped wood and armor], boffer fighting [for 10+yrs old with imitations of heavy weapons], fencing, and just learning medievil skills and such.

anyways, puppy breath and lots o licks thanks for reading our blog.